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Cross culture management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Cross culture management - Essay ExampleThe gender roles are predefined in the patriarchal society and promote segregation of gender within the society. Thus, sexually explicit images and culture of the Western world is not acceptable. MTV, on the other hand is primarily associated with musical extravaganza of the West with its liberated views on sex and sexually explicit content. While Hip-Hop format of MTV music is popular in West, it may clash with the cultural paradigms of the Muslim world. The widely diverse value system of the West and the East therefore would be the major stumbling blocks that would need to be overcome by MTV. Another important issue would be the prevailing anti American sentiments in the Middle East. The Iraq war and America’s contentious role in the internal matter of Middle countries might adversely impact its launch and performance. These factors become hugely pertinent in expanding business, especially in MTV’s case where cultural values would significantly influence its success. Answer 2 MTV has been innovative in its strategy for its business expansion in Middle East with its launch of MTV Arabia. It has fostered partnership with local channel ABN to overcome bureaucratic and regulatory hurdles. Its fundamental strategy of ‘think globally, act locally’ is commendable in its perspective of adapting to local culture.


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